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So, you need to Get Truck’D? Well, you’ve come to the right place!



We’re a low cost Melbourne removalist aimed at minimising the stress that can come with moving house or office.

In fact, we will make your moving experience so enjoyable that you will decide to do it more often just for fun!

We use 10 tonne trucks so no move is too big. However we are also happy to assist you if you only need to get a little bit Truck’D.

A lot of people try to save money by trucking themselves. In the end, it will cost you around the same and take up way too much of your precious time.

We recommend you relax and leave the trucking to the professionals!

Our fully trained truck heads are lightning fast, meaning a more cost effective service that gives you that running start at setting up.

Our main priority is your satisfaction, from your initial inquiry up until the sad time when we must leave you. Please try not to cry, as it has been known to set off some of our more emotional truck heads and the counselling costs are starting to mount up.




What we charge

A 3 man crew is recommended as a move can be completed in around half the time, sometimes less depending on the inventory and access.

We have a call out fee of $89 which covers travel to and from the job, truck fuel and maintenance costs.

This will vary depending on distance and how nice you are to us… It’s nothing personal, you know we love you.

Also we have a minimum of 2 hours for each job, however after that first 2 hours we charge in 15 minute increments.

Rest assured our very capable extremely manly truck heads can move heavy and/or oddly shaped items, however sometimes this can attract a surcharge. So be sure to let us know in advance so we can quote you properly.



2 Men

2 Men

Starting at $120 per hour

Fridays +$30 per hour

Saturdays +$30 per hour

Sundays +$60 per hour

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3 Men

3 Men

Starting at $169 per hour

Fridays +$80 per hour

Saturdays +$80 per hour

Sundays +$130 per hour

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Pianos (upright): $179  (grand): $250

Large items (120kg+): $99

Large Billiard Table: $250

Billiard Table: $179

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"The Get Truck'D guys are super efficient, super careful and your move will have a fabulous soundtrack."

Pip from Preston

"Reasonably priced, great service and very hard working, thanks for the move guys"

Michael from Clayton South

"Best truckers going around by far. Trucking awesome job guys!"

Eddie from Bentleigh

"Raddest guys in the business! Affordable and very fast at what they do!"

Brett from Coburg

"Will recommend to anyone I know that needs a removals' truck. Cheers guys job well done"

Jim from Dromana

"They were excellent. Highly recommended!"

Lisa from Brighton East

"Awesome service, called last minute and they still managed to fit me in. Fast, efficient A++++ service, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Paulo from Ripponlea

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For a, fast and accurate quote please fill out this form.

After, we will have one of our experienced truck heads call you about your move.

Every move is unique, so after asking a some essential questions we will be able to give you a rough estimate right away.

If you have any crazy, extra-large, strangely shaped items or anything that you think may be difficult please be sure to mention it to our team.

In the case of any extra-large homes or office and interstate moves it can be more beneficial for us to come and visit you and have a look over what’s going to be moved.

Like we always say if you’re going to Get Truck’D you might as well do it right.


Help packing?

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Moving Guide

We are about having happy clients that are impressed with us, so we have prepared this short list of recommendations that will save you time and money. We like to get it done fast and with ease as much as you do.


  • One

    Pack Accordingly

    Always use boxes where possible as it’s easier playing Tetris with blocks than garbage bags. Clothing can be packed into travel luggage or other bags you already own. Please pack books in smaller boxes or evenly dispersed throughout other boxes mixed with bedding, towels, pillows and cushions. Ensure boxes are filled to the top to avoid boxes collapsing. If it doesn’t close properly then take something out, under and over filled boxes can be problematic when it comes to stacking them in the truck and may cause damage to your personal belongings, and no one wants that.

  • Two


    If you have any furniture that needs dismantling by our team please be sure to mention it when booking as this does take time and may affect the quote. If you are dismantling furniture yourself please ensure you have kept all screws and small parts in a ziplock bag with the item name clearly written on the bag. These bags should be stored together and should not be tapped or left next to the dismantled furniture. Then where possible have all the parts to each dismantled item stacked neatly together.

  • Three

    What not to get

    Please don’t go out and purchase those plastic storage containers they sell at discount stores. They are cheap for a reason, they are fragile, they don’t stack as well as they are supposed to and can break easily.

  • Four

    The ultimate protector

    Don’t buy mattress protectors just for your move, it’s an unnecessary cost. They generally make it harder to carry and can tear from getting caught on door handles and the like. Using a fitted sheet (and a second fitted sheet underneath if necessary) is easier to hold and carry. Even with the utmost care there is a risk of getting marks on a mattress, whether it’s from the exterior of your house, stairwells, or trees. This ensures your mattress is protected, as it’s easier to clean a fitted sheet than it is to clean your mattress.

  • Five

    Prior to the team arriving

    – Empty your fridge, unplug the power and bundle the cord in the cavity behind the fridge or tape cord to the back, ensure the drip tray behind the fridge is emptied and wipe dust and grease from the top. Under and on top of fridges can often unknowingly be the dirtiest places in a household so please clean them when you can.
    – Detach water hoses from the back of your washing machine and place them inside the machine, they detach the same way they detach from the taps. Make sure you turn the taps off of course.
    – Unplug all cables from your electronics (TV’s, sound systems, etc) and pack them separately.
    – Only pack TV”s if you have their original undamaged packaging. We can safely wrap and pack them for transportation if needed.

  • Six

    How do you stack up?

    If you can have all boxes stacked neatly in an area close to your front door that does not obstruct any walk ways it is appreciated. Also the act of packing can take up more space than what you’re packing however sometimes please keep access to the entrance clear as we have to assess the job on the day as to which items we will be starting with.

  • Seven


    We know moving can be stressful, but that’s what we are here for. We do this every day, so when it comes to moving day if you don’t feel like you’re prepared enough don’t worry, there is a good chance you’re already well prepared. So smile, relax, your welcome to play your favourite music or we can provide some music from the truck to take the intensity of the whole situation down a notch. Leave yourself a couple of drinks or some tea and coffee unpacked so you can have a drink while we do our thing. I’m sure the truck heads would feel very welcomed to an offer of a cuppa and they might even leave your favourite chair till last so you have some where to kick back while it’s all under way.


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